About Us

The Connecticut Institute for the 21st Century is a non-partisan non-profit organization of businesses and civic groups dedicated to identifying effective and efficient ways for state and local government to deliver services while reducing cost to the taxpayer and making Connecticut’s economy strong.

We do this by researching best practices, publishing reports, and educating policymakers and the public on key spending and policy issues including transportation, public pensions, smart growth and social service spending. Our website serves as a clearinghouse and meeting place to share best practices and engage in on-going public policy debate.

We began this work in 1999 when a group of public and private leaders came together to share ideas for fostering economic growth in Connecticut.

Our landmark 1999 study, “Connecticut: Strategic Economic Framework”, commonly known as ‘the Gallis report’, famously predicted that Connecticut would become an economic cul-de-sac in the global economy. Based on the study, we led a statewide review of transportation and logistics, and co-sponsored a transportation summit with the state legislature. This created Connecticut’s Transportation Strategy Board to develop a statewide transportation strategy incorporating economic development, conservation, and quality of life goals.

In 2002, we looked at the link between responsible land use and our future growth. This led to the creation of 1000 Friends of Connecticut to promote smart growth in the state.

Since 2010, the Institute has focused on the state’s efforts to cope with the impact of the nationwide economic recession on Connecticut. The downturn created an increased need for public services while sharply reducing state revenues, forcing the state to do more with less.

Working with Blum Shapiro, a leading accounting firm, we have produced five comprehensive reports that show policymakers how government can change to be more efficient, provide better service to Connecticut’s residents, and improve the state’s economy.

If you would like to become more directly involved please reach us through the contact page on our website.

The opinions expressed in our news feed are those of the content contributors and may not necessarily reflect the views of CT 21 as an organization or its leadership.

The Institute is a 501(c) 3 organization incorporated under the State of Connecticut’s non-stock corporation law. We are governed by a board of directors representing state, regional, municipal, membership, and private sector entities.

Governance Board

James Torgerson (Chair)

John Emra (Vice Chair)

Shelly Saczynski (Secretary)

Peter Gioia

Michael Lech

Vincent Petrini

Anthony Rescigno

Robert Santy

Leigh Walton

Lynn Ward

Executive Director

Bob Guenther 

Advisory Board

Larry Bingaman

Christopher Bruhl

Susan Coleman

Mike Critelli

Douglas Fisher

Elliot Ginsberg

Oz Griebel

David Kooris

David LaVasseur

Paul McCraven

Matthew Nemerson

Catherine Smith

Bonnie Stewart

Paul Timpanelli

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